Who works on Critical Care?

Critical Care Nurses ​

Nurses with specialist knowledge and skills that provide direct care of critically ill patients. Depending on the of the patients, they may care for one or two at a time.  The nursing team will potentially consist of registered nurses (RGNs), senior RGNs, deputy sisters/ charge nurses, senior sisters/ charge nurses, lead nurse/ matron and practice educators. ​

​Healthcare Support Workers​

Healthcare Support Workers assist the nursing team to deliver high quality care to the critically ill patients. This might include providing direct care and rehabilitation.​

Critical Care Doctors​

The team of doctors will be led by a consultant intensivist or critical care consultant. They formally review patients, perform clinical procedures and work closely with the Critical Care team, patients and their relatives to plan and co-ordinate patient care. ​

​Physiotherapists ​

Physiotherapists in Critical Care are uniquely qualified with the skills and knowledge to assess and manage respiratory complications, physical deconditioning, neuromuscular and muscoskeletal conditions. ​

​Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)​

Speech and Language Therapists support patients experiencing difficulties with speech or swallowing or a combination of both. Speech and swallow problems can be a common complication during a patient's critical care stay sometimes due to their clinical condition or nessecary procedures. SALT can assist by assessing  needs and providing advice, education and therapies to improve the patient's recovery. ​


The pharmacists work with the doctors, nurses and patients to ensure that medication is  available, safe to give  and effective. They also play a vital role in providing expert advice in particular for complex medications. ​

Occupational Therapists (OT)​

The role of the Occupational Therapist  may change throughout the critically ill patients stay dependent on their needs. They will assess, provide appropriate aids and education to assist in the recovery of the patient so that they can undertake their daily living activities. ​


Dieticians ensure that patients receive the right amount of nutrition, at the right time and in the right way to support recovery. Critically Ill patients often have complex nutritional needs and require individual nutritional care plans to rebuild their resilience and strength. ​