What happens after discharge from Critical Care

When the patient is well enough, they will be transferred to an appropriate ward. Discharge from Critical Care is an important step forward in the patient's recovery journey. ​

Moving to a different area, with less medical and nursing intervention may make the patient and relatives feel anxious. It may be helpful to be speak to the nurse about any concerns. ​

When the patient is discharged from Critical Care, they will be reviewed on the ward, usually the next day, by a member of the Critical Care Outreach Team. The team will help ensure that the patient continues to recover, they will advise and support the ward staff, patients and relatives with any concerns for however long is required. ​

Some hospitals have Critical Care rehabilitation services, usually lead by a rehabilitation nurse or physiotherapist. They may be able to offer a follow up service that aims to provide ongoing support/ advice with physical/ psychological/ financial needs. The service also provides an opportunity for patients and relatives to discuss their critical care stay and ask questions. The team will usually contact the patient to arrange an appointment after their discharge home. ​