Adult Critical Care Transfer Service.

Tel: 0300 200 1100

NHSEI regional command have commissioned us to setup up an Adult Critical Care Co-ordination & Transfer Service (ACCOTS Team) to support us all in the network.  The aim of this is to transfer patients pre-surge to ensure no single unit gets to CRITCON level 3-4 status.  Clearly there will be a time when all units surge to this level at the same time then at that point transfers will cease.  The intelligence/data from NHSEI suggests clusters of cases and hotspots and as such patient transfer is beneficial to level down peaks of activity.

The service will function along the lines of the KIDSNTS model with a central referral telephone number and regional co-ordination with oversight of the bed state (NHSE regional command are monitoring this closely). This will relieve the burden on referring units having to ring around neighbouring units asking for beds and using precious resource when already stretched to transfer patients.

Back transfer of patients once stepped down, in time will also help to preserve capacity and flow.

The Team Configuration for Level 3 Transfers Will Be:

 - An appropriately trained Doctor
- An ACCP, ODP or appropriately trained nurse
- A dedicated ambulance vehicle and staff 

Enhanced PPE will be provided when required. The governance and oversight for this service will be held by MCC&TN and overseen ultimately by NHSEI.  Appropriate guidelines and SOPs will be in place.

Kind Regards,


Dr Richard Browne
Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine & Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine 

Intensive Care Burns Lead

MCCTN Transfer Lead

Mobile:  07713285302