National Trauma Peer Review 2017-18

Trauma Units
Each Trauma Unit was tasked with performing a peer review self-assessment this year, following which the members of the network including the regional trauma lead reviewed their performance / compliance and recorded any Immediate Risks/Serious Concerns/General Concerns and areas of good practice.    Reports were written and agreed by both the reviewers and each unit Trauma Lead. 

As in previous years the North Wales Units requested they undertake the same process as the England Units and their reports were sent to their Health Board and Network Manager.

Each unit will keep their workplan up to date and feed this back at trauma network board meetings. 

The average overall compliance of each unit, 15 in total including North Wales is 72%.

There are a number of areas that require further development:

  • Emergency Trauma Nurse Training Level 2
  • Trauma Management Guidelines
  • Trauma Coordinator Service
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Rehabilitation Coordinator Service
  • Rehabilitation Prescriptions

Across all 15 units there were:

  • 3 Immediate Risks
  • 6 new Serious Concerns and 4 recurring Serious Concerns
  • 3 new General Concerns and 27 recurring General Concerns

Good Practice / Significant Achievement

  • Good examples of local guidelines and audit
  • Increase in submissions to TARN for Rehabilitation Prescriptions

Major Trauma Centres
For the second year running the MTC’s self-assessed using QSIS and the network held a review meeting for the 4 MTC’s, Networks & main Pre-Hospital providers.  The 3 trauma networks came together in December 2017 for a combined review meeting where they provided feedback about their individual self-assessments and the Network Data Analyst presented the comparison information which included relevant TARN data, allowing discussion against the measures and particularly focussing on the measures not being met by the MTC’s.

Trauma Unit Peer Reviews 2016

11 Trauma Units (TU) in England were visited between 6th and 16th September 2016 with 1 postponed until further notice. The North Wales visits took place on the 2nd and 3rd November 2016. Each visit was performed by a trained review panel with varying representation from clinicians, managers, network representatives, rehabilitation coordinators and nurses. Each visit took around 3 hours and involved reviewers checking evidence against each measure, a SWOT presentation from the TU, question session with TU representatives, which varied from unit to unit, but generally included representatives from ED, Surgery, Anaesthetics, T&O, Radiology, Nursing, Therapies and Management. Draft reports were written by the reviewing team with final reports published on TQuINs, other than the North Wales reports, this process is not mandatory in Wales and are therefore not supported by TQuINs. The North Wales Units requested they undertake the same process as the England Units and their reports were sent to their Health Board and saved on an individual system