Introduction of the new Trauma situation reporting system through DOS

Dear Trauma service leads

Please find below details of the Directory of Services (DoS) for Major Trauma patients, an online situation reporting system (Sitrep) that is used by Trauma teams and commissioners to monitor Trauma service demand across the country.   

It is a requirement of each NHS trust to ensure information is input each morning. As trauma service leads, can you please ensure that it is embedded within your NHS Trust, to support accurate information and seven day data entry sitrep reporting. 

Consideration is required on whom is best placed to collate and enter this information on behalf of your NHS Trust.  An example of this could be:
A daily task of your site team/bed management team
A member of the trauma coordinating or office team

The document above provides guidance on the data that needs to be completed as well as the user guide for accessing and using the DoS system. Individuals have to register on the system in order to be able to use it, although generic usernames can be used. Registration for access to the Trauma service data entry system is via:

Users can set up a new account on the DoS website by clicking ‘request new account’ and completing the online form. No formal training is required. A written user guide is provided in Appendix 1 of the explanation document.

The indicators have been created in line with the current national collection to provide a centralised easy to use form and remove the need to upload and manually collate data. There are descriptors for each indicator to ensure the intention of each one is clear for users. The data is intended to assist with operational management during periods of surge in demand plus the impact of COVID-19.

This system is being deployed to replace the current data collection (previously submitted via the networks website) and make data entry and reporting quicker and easier and remove burden. 

If you could please ensure that DOS access and updating is daily, 7 days a week, aiming to input the data before 09.30 each morning.

Thank you very much for engaging with this important piece of work.

Kind regards
Steven Cook
Network Manager