Next Critical Care Pharmacist Forum meeting

Date TBC, 13:30 - 17:00, Plough & Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8LS.      Meetings are held quarterly.     

The Midlands Critical Care Network Pharmacy Forum has been established to provide a forum for members of the pharmacy profession working in critical care within the tri-network regions to meet and discuss issues concerned with the delivery of care to critically ill patients.  The meeting will also support the sharing of best practice and development of guidelines and protocols, including those deriving from regional, national or international policies. 

The Forum workplan consists of workstreams relating to emergency preparedness, band 7 training pack development, peer review, training, education and validation of roles and duties in line with the D05 Service Specifiction & GPICS. The Chair of the group is Jane Lewis, Critical Care Pharmacist, Royal Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust.   Network link is Sarah Graham,

Group WhatsApp and Sharepoint 

The Pharmacy Forum use WhatsApp as a way of sharing & communicating about possible drug stock shortages, training events etc and general (non-patient related) queries.  If you are a Critical Care Pharmacist in this network  and would like to join the group please contact   

SharePoint is also used as a secure site for information sharing about particular guidelines, Trust services and work plan work-streams.  Only members of the Forum are allowed access to this site.

Critical Care Pharmacist Band 7 Training Pack & Training Log

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Peer review of pharmacy services to critical care

The quality standards have been developed to support the critical care pharmacists in ensuring a high quality of care across the Networks that form the Midlands Critical Care Networks.  For a copy of the peer review matrix please contact the network office. ​

Sharing Excellence

ITU Lecture for Pharmacists Presentation - Practical Paediatrics